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The First 48 Hours With A New Adopted Dog

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pupFirst off – congratulations for adopting a new pet!  Now, it’s time to get prepared!!  The excitement prior to adopting an animal from a shelter can be very thrilling, because you get to spend time looking for your new addition to the family.  However – one main component that gets overlooked is “What to do once the puppy/dog is home?”  Here are a few ways to make the first 48 hours easier for not only you, but your family to adjust with having a new pet in the home:

Get a food/water dish before the pet comes home.  It’s always a good idea to ask what the pet has been eating prior to adoption, just so you are able to keep the same nutrition in your pet’s belly.  Otherwise, your new pet might get an upset tummy.  Over time you can slowly switch the food, but the first week or so should be as calm/relaxing as possible just so your furry friend can get used to the new home.

Where will your new pet sleep?  New pets, especially puppies are going to whimper and whine, because they are scared.  Personally – my dogs all sleep with me or at the foot of the bed and always have.  However, not everyone is up for that challenge, especially if there is more than one dog ;)  A doggie bed or a nice fluffy comforter can be something that will help your furry friend get cozy, or you might decide to get your new pet kennel trained.  I have found google searches to be great for ideas on how to create the best doggie bed to be extremely informative.

Potty training is a HUGE one, because new puppies are famous for sniffing around and then bam – welcoming themselves home.  The instant a puppy or new pet starts to sniff – get them outside!  Once the pet goes to the bathroom, give LOTS of praise:)  This will help your new pet know he/she is doing a great job.  For example – I had a sweet little foster girl in my home that was only 5 wks old when I got her from the rescue.  She was found in a box and was really malnourished.  She was always eating, which meant – outside potty time.  We got in the habit of going outside where she would go to the bathroom, then wait for me to say “Good girl Beebs” ……then she would bolt for me so happy and wait for her praise and petting time.  A cute little 9lb button became a 40+lb girl in no time rushing to me for her praises — so it works:)  Just watch for snow/mud/grass, because you might get covered during praise time!

Exploring is common with animals in a new home.  Pets will want to sniff and scout out new favorite locations or where they want to curl up and sleep.  I have always followed mine around to see where they tend to go, and what places are their favorite spots.  One of my dogs found the bathroom closet as her favorite place.  Another really likes the laundry room in a clothes basket.  Just relax and go with the flow.

Other dogs in the home can be tricky.  Introducing new pets can go great or questionable, but the main thing is to give it time.  3 of my dogs are fairly okay with new dogs, but the smallest dog I have is the worst at new pets in the home.  It will take her up to 5 wks to be okay with a new pet.  Keep an eye on the animals and make sure there is no fighting.  If at any time the pets seem to be not getting along – time out’s work well.  Over time the pets will learn to relax around each other.

The biggest part to introducing a new pet into a home is giving love.  Lots of holding and petting will make your new furry friend relax and know they are safe and in a great environment.  Sometimes potty training or breaking habits will get tricky, but their are plenty of options online to choose from.  Other pet owners have been in the same situation and can help or give really good advice on how to train or correct a bad habit.

Enjoy your new pet:)

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